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NEW ORLEANS—September 13, 2007— Weston Solutions, Inc. (WESTON®) announced today the successful on time completion of pumping station projects on two canals in New Orleans, Louisiana under a design-build contract with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Hurricane Protection Office (HPO). The success of the project is a significant milestone in New Orleans hurricane protection efforts.
The project to increase the existing temporary pumping capacity at the 17th Street and London Avenue Canals in New Orleans was completed in only six months on a highly accelerated schedule, in order to have increased capacity on line before the height of hurricane season. In all, 33 pump systems were installed to deliver an increased pumping capacity of 7,600 cfs (cubic feet per second) at the 17th Street Canal and 5,000 to 5,200 cfs at London Avenue. The new pumps have been successfully tested in conjunction with the Corps beginning on August 15, 2007. At the August 20 testing, pumping capacity reached 8,800 – 9,200 cfs at 17th Street—well above the goal of 7,600 cfs.
The canal pumping stations protect the city during a hurricane by moving stormwater out of the canal in the event that the corps must close the new floodgates to stop storm surge entering from Lake Pontchartrain. They can lower the water level in the canal, when floodgates are closed by about 1 foot every 12 minutes.
Col. Jeffrey Bedey, Commander of the Hurricane Protection Office, commented, “Reaching this level of pumping capacity – over and above our goal – is the result of a lot of hard work and dedication by many people. I want to commend all the Corps employees and our contractor partners for a job well done. I am proud to work along side these dedicated professionals.” 
As General Contractor and integrator for the design-build project, WESTON worked around the clock to complete design and construction of the two pumping stations on time, while handling significant design, construction and scheduling challenges in stride. They led an integrated team of designers, suppliers, and construction contractors; building a strong partnership with all stakeholders and emphasizing quality and safety throughout the project. Primary WESTON team members making this project successful were the MR Pittman Group, Dynamic Industries Inc, Gresham Smith & Partners, BBG&S Engineering Consultants, and Boh Brothers Construction. Additionally, the Corps’ use of a cost-reimbursable contract vehicle fostered a flexible, collaborative, and open-book approach that ensured success. The Corps trusted WESTON as a “best value” supplier with a contract flexible enough to meet the tight schedule, while effectively managing tax dollars.
According to Patrick G. McCann, WESTON President and CEO, “Two factors significantly aided the project team’s work. Quality control and execution helped us meet critical path milestones, and the cost-reimbursable contract afforded the team the required flexibility to make necessary design changes without significantly impacting the schedule. I am very proud of our team’s unwavering commitment to the Corps in helping them meet their goals.” 
From the start, the WESTON team was committed to supporting the local economy. As a trusted integrator, WESTON aligned the needs of over 60 stakeholders, including the HPO, USACE, the City of New Orleans, and various city, state and local community entities. Almost 80% of the total contract value was subcontracted to businesses based in Louisiana, and over 50% was subcontracted to small businesses.
WESTON will now focus on activities that were not on the critical path such as completion of an automated, integrated controls system for the canal pumping systems.




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