City of New Orleans Flood Control Impellers

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In January of 2006, as a result of the massive flooding of the City of New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina, the Army Corps of Engineers awarded a contract for the purchase and installation of high capacity drainage pumps to be used to protect the city in the event of another similar disaster. The pumps — installed in the drainage canals that take water from this bowl-shaped, below-sea-level city and deposit it in Lake Pontchartrain — represented a new ring of protection that was added to New Orleans’ flood defenses after Katrina.  Installation of the complete system was required by June 1, 2006 – the beginning of hurricane season each year in the US.

On January 30, 2006 Olympic Foundry, Seattle received a contract for the required 1200 lb., 60” diameter three blade stainless steel impeller castings - an integral part of the hydraulically-driven axial-flow pump assemblies.  The contract was awarded to Olympic Foundry with only weeks to construct the necessary pattern equipment and tooling, produce the castings, machine and balance and deliver them to the pump manufacturer ready to install on the assembled units.  With a potential $70,000 per day penalty assessment to the prime contractors by the Corps of Engineers for late deliveries, a project management team was assembled by Olympic Foundry and production began on the impellers immediately.  Working around the clock, the manufacturing team pulled out all stops to complete the contract on time.  Within 10 weeks from the receipt of the purchase order, Olympic Foundry delivered the final impeller to the pump manufacturer ahead of schedule and under budget.




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City of New Orleans Flood Control Impellers

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